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This is Why Halsey's Debut Album & New Album Will Sound Entirely Different

The new era of Halsey officially began on Friday with the arrival of her new single "Nightmare," which sonically and lyrically signals a gritty departure from her last album 2017’s hopeless fountain kingdom and her 2015 debut Badlands in particular.

And that transformation really came naturally from the growth she's experienced as an artist and woman since the making of Badlands.

"When I was making that record all I could think about was the way the world revolved around me. I’m really concerned about where I fit in and what I mean, what I mean to myself and coming to this point of identity. I’m twenty-four now. I don’t care so much about the way the world revolves around me as much as the way it revolves in general."

Expect to hear more from Halsey’s third studio album over the next few months.

Until then, "Nightmare" is out now.

Photo: Getty Images