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Haley Reinhart Explains Why Her New Album is Her Most Honest

While Laine Hardy was named your newest American Idol on Sunday, history has proven that success can come to any of the finalists.

And Haley Reinhart, who finished third back in 2011 is a perfect example of that.

She recently independently released her fourth studio album Lo-Fi Soul with many tracks she wrote and co-produced, some that she penned several years ago.

Being so closely involved with this album’s creation in every facet has created a body of work that reflects who she is more than ever.

"I wanted to reveal more to the people, especially newer listeners, who I am and what my personality type really is — all the shades and hues and what that feels and sounds like,” she tells PopCrush. “You can get painted in a certain way, and this was my opportunity to take these 13 songs and make them all have such different personalities and really a mesh of genres. And I want people to know it's old school. It's me. It's vintage in many ways, but it's also modern-esque. We're still making it fresh."

Lo-Fi Soul is out now.

Photo: Getty Images