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Lil Dicky Tells Us Who He Thinks the All-Time Funniest Rappers Are

You could make a case that Lil Dicky is the funniest MC of all time and definitely the most successful one if you don’t count "Wierd Al" Yankovic's occasional forays into rapping.

But who does Lil Dicky himself think are the funniest MCs in the game?

“Eminem’s very funny to me. Snoop is so funny, like especially when you meet him. I don’t know if he’s overly funny when he raps, but when you meet him it’s crazy,” he says. “And who else is a funny rapper? Me, me, me! I’m funny.”

Well, that is true.

Lil Dicky’s star-studded single “Earth” is out now.

Photo: Getty Images