Sisanie Announces Second Winner of KIIS FM’s Pay Your Bills for a Year!

We have a winner! Sisanie and Tanya Rad surprised KIIS FM’s Pay Your Bills for a year winner Cynthia Gonzalez of East L.A. on Monday, April 1. Gonzalez is the second-ever person to win the mega prize, which includes having your bills paid for an entire year and a brand new Ford!

The 28-year-old was unemployed when she submitted her bill back in January. While she’s since scored a new job, her life stresses are soon to be alleviated thanks to her cell phone, cell phone bill, car, car insurance, gas, groceries and more being covered by team Ryan Seacrest and KIIS FM. 

With a crazy commute from East L.A. to Santa Monica, her ride will also be smooth now behind the wheel of a brand new 2019 Ford Escape! 


"OMG! My heart is beating super fast. I’m like shaking. I did not expect this!" Cynthia exclaimed after being surprised at home by Tanya Rad. "She has balloons, flowers, a fake check that says 'Ryan Seacrest is paying my bills for an entire year.' ... I still can't believe it!" she added of the surreal moment.


Listen back to Tanya Rad surprise the lucky winner for more and click here to find out how you can enter to get your bills paid!


Watch back last year's winner Michelle Casas' reveal here!


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