Jessie J Urges Fans To 'Find Your Happiness' In Mental Health Message

Our hearts are going out to Jessie J.

Over the weekend, the "Do It Like a Dude" singer-songwriter released a tearful video of herself singing at her piano along with a moving message on her mental health. “I know you’re watching/ Somewhere in the sky/ I look over your children/ 'Cause I know you would’ve looked over mine,” she tearfully sings in the clip.

“This video is from yesterday I woke up. Feeling kinda off. I sat at the piano (which I’ve been avoiding) knowing it will bring some stuff up," the vocalist wrote in the post. "I’m making it up and feeling my real feelings. I went live as I wanted to share with you guys the moment. I didn’t know I would cry."

The ballad, which seems to be an ode to a closed one, comes more than a month after Jessie mourned the loss of her longtime bodyguard, Dave. In light of the tragedy, the songbird took an indefinite break from social media to spend more "real time with people I love and some time with myself."

The 30-year-old proceeded with a warning of the misconceptions about mental health in our society, in which "vulnerability is often seen as weakness," and can lead to anxiety and depression in our adulthood.

“We push our feelings to the bottom of our energy and hope it goes away. It won’t. Don’t define yourself on it. But stand with it, process it and learn from it," Jessie added. "Find YOUR happiness. No one can make you happy but you. People can contribute. … Please do not suffer in silence. Life is way too short and ALWAYS GETS BETTER."

Photo: Getty Images