Let's Break Down Taylor Swift's Social Posts, New Music Has To Be Coming

So, Taylor Swift posted a super artsy photo of palm trees and a gorgeous sky on her Instagram over the weekend. Seems like a fun photo right? Well, if you're a Swiftie like me you KNOW there's probably a secret meaning behind the photo and you're probably trying to figure out the significance.

Tay is known for living her biggest fans clues in regards to things, so this for sure is no exception. The photo is captioned with 7 palm trees which leads us to examine the palm trees in the photo.

There are four palm trees to the left, which fans are believing represents Taylor's 4 country albums, the 2 to the right represent her pop albums, so the large palm in the middle could be a whole new sound?

Also there are 61 stars in the sky, so 61 days from the day she posted would be April 26th. Which is a Friday when new music comes out. Could that be the day we get new Taylor music?

Finally, we have to talk about the photo of her on the staircase. She's seated on the 7th stair from the top! So, basically TS7 is happening right?! What are your thoughts fellow Swifties?