Caleb Tells Ryan What He’s Learned After Surviving Near-Fatal Hit-and-Run

A second chance at life. A listener named Caleb Davidge phoned into On Air With Ryan Seacrest on Monday, January 28, to share an eye-opening and gut-wrenching story with Ryan Seacrest, revealing he was struck by an allegedly drunk driver on Abbot Kinney in Venice, California, 14 weeks ago and lived to tell the story. 

In security camera footage posted to Caleb’s Instagram, you can see Caleb get struck by the driver while trying to get into his Uber. The driver then fled the scene. (WARNING: Sensitive content in the video below.)

“I remember everything. That’s the other crazy part, nothing happened to head or my neck, so I remember literally everything all up to the point when people were cutting my clothes off with scissors in the ER,” Caleb recalled. “I remember it all. I was just getting into my Uber and then next thing I knew I was 40 feet from my Uber lying on the ground and I knew how hard of a hit it was that it could kill me and I was in straight survival mode and I was more pissed than anything. Like, man, this is the way the story ends? I got hit by this guy that wasn’t paying attention or was drunk. I remember staring at this little pebble on the ground and I was more pissed than anything like, 'This is the way it’s going to end?’ Like no way, like I’ve got so much more to do, you know?”

Caleb suffered a multitude of injuries, telling Ryan that it would be “easier to say what’s intact” than list the injuries, which included: Shattering and breaking every single rib on both sides, collapsed and punctured lungs, which were bleeding out, a lacerated liver and spleen, four broken bones in the spine, and a broken right arm which physically poked through his skin. His left femur also went through his knee joint and fractured the tibia and he tore both MCLs, ACLs and meniscus.

“The human body is insane,” Caleb shared. “From where I was, to the pain I was in, to where I am now, it’s crazy. I’m a walking miracle. I feel like I’m here for a reason which is a powerful feeling.”

Caleb explained that the driver was never found nor charged, with LAPD sending Caleb a letter that stated they were unable to identify the driver. 

“I’m not going to stop there though,” Caleb concluded. “I think the story goes on so I’ll let you know when this is all said and done. … I think the story’s not over yet … it’s not even about me … there’s a killer on the streets right now.” 

Listen back to the full audio above for the inspiring story and more. 

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