Vanessa Hudgens Sometimes Suffers Instagram Regret Just Like Us 😂

You know when you take hundreds of cute pictures but then never post them on Instagram and now it’s too late?! Well, so does Vanessa Hudgens 😂 The actress phoned into On Air With Ryan Seacrest on Wednesday, January 16, and dished on turning 30 and starring in Rent: Live. 

The Second Act star celebrated her 30th birthday last month by throwing a Lord of the Rings-themed bash, complete with a vintage Lawrence of Arabia tent that was used in the original film.

“It was like my fantasy for at least a year,” Vanessa told Ryan of the bash. “I was like ‘When I turn 30, I need a Lord of the Rings-themed birthday party,’ but I have not gotten around to posting all of the pictures so that’s why I’m like ‘Yeah…’ because now the time has passed and it just feels too late.” 

Instagram regret aside, the actress is thriving at 30, starring in Fox’s Rent: Live, a role that comes following her impressive portrayal of Rizzo in Fox's 2016 Grease: Live.

Listen back to the full interview in the audio above to find out why Vanessa finds her latest role in Rent: Live thrilling and more!

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