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This Iconic Moment Started with a Call Between Beyoncé & Michelle Williams

One of the social media moments of 2018 was Beyoncé’s headlining performance at Coachella, which some have labeled the best festival performance of all time.

One of the reasons it was so hot on social was the unannounced reunion of Destiny’s Child and according to Michelle Williams it all started with what she thought was just a casual phone call from Beyoncé.

"We are all in communication all the time. I just thought she was calling to see what’s up," she said. “[She was like] 'I already talked to Kelly and I’m gonna do Coachella and I was wondering if y’all want to come out?'"

"We love getting back together," Michelle added. "We turn into those teenage girls all over again. We just melt into each others arms, it's so safe to be with each other."

There’s now rumors of new music from Destiny’s Child in 2019, but we’ll have to wait and see!

Photo: Getty Images