Justin Bieber And Hailey Baldwin Have Moved Out Of The Country Together

The Biebers have left the country! 

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin have officially moved to Canada full-time to start their life as a married couple. After playing coy for a few weeks after their courthouse wedding in New York City, Justin and Hailey finally confirmed that they tied the knot. Justin referred to Hailey as his wife on Instagram, while Hailey changed her handle on the social media app to @HaileyBieber. That's when you know it's real. 

Since making things Instagram official, the newlyweds shared that they hosted both their families for Thanksgiving. "First Thanksgiving as a married man, first time hosting Thanksgiving. First time both sides of the family has come together. Relationships are hard and love isn’t always easy but thank you Jesus for showing me how!" Justin wrote on Instagram alongside a photo of snowy woods, most likely at his new Canadian home with Hailey. 


"Hailey and Justin are living in Waterloo, Ontario, full-time now. That’s their home base," a source revealed to Us Weekly. "Justin has a huge home up there — 9,000 square feet, 1,000 acres, on a lake. He loves it up there and so does Hailey."

According to the source, one of the reasons for their move is their desire to raise a family in Canada. "They’re very much in love. They get along so well," the source explained. “She’s not pregnant right now. But it’s going to happen. They want to raise their family up there."

Before they start their family, though, Justin and Hailey are reportedly still planning a wedding ceremony so they can be married in the eyes of the church, as well as the law. There's no official word on when their wedding will be just yet, however, their courthouse wedding was meant to send a message to anybody who doubted their love would last. "It was 'you and me against the world.' Let's show [everyone] we're serious and it’s not just some crazy fling," another source told People

Congratulations again to the happy couple. 

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