Post Malone Cuts Off His Hair, Hopes You'll Still Listen To His Music


Post Malone cleans up nice. 

The 23-year-old "Better Now" rapper debuted a fresher, cleaner look over the weekend, but he wasn't so sure how his fans would take it. "Had 2 big a** dreads," he captioned a photo of he smoking a cigarette while looking in the camera with his fresh haircut. "plz don't stop listening to my music," he added.  Posty later shared additional photos of his new do, giving a better look at his oh-so-perfect curls. (You have to admit, the guy's got a nice head of hair) While Post didn't reveal why he cut off his dreads, it could be that he was in the mood for a fresh start given his string of bad luck these past few months.


As previously reported, he was in a car accident, his house was almost robbed and you can't forget about his emergency plane landing in August. Post recently opened up about that terrifying experience during an interview with Billboard, saying the "sh*t was scary!" 

“I’m terrified of flying in the first place, so every time I get on a flight, I always try my best to fall asleep,” he explained. “But this one…I wasn’t tired, so we got on the plane, we took off. There was a sensor malfunction up front, so we had to turn around and land again.” It was after the plane took off for the second time that Post said he and his friends “heard a big a** pop…and then sh*t started coming in from underneath the table and sh*t.” It was then that Mac said he started freaking out.


However, before he could lose it too much, Post said the flight attendant started assuring him that everything was going to be fine. He recalled her telling him they "just popped a tire" and would have to fly around for few hours until they had a low-level amount of fuel to ensure they could make a safe landing. “You know, you figured if something is gonna happen, just get it over with, like a Band-Aid or something,” he said. “But just the f**king anxiety of like, ‘This is f**ked.’ That was the worst part.” 

"Looking back at it, the wing was f**ked. And I didn't know that the wing blew in half when I was f**ing [on the plane]," he added. "It's easy to [say], 'oh he's just overreacting,' [but] sh*t was scary! Okay? Tough stuff."


Photo: Getty Images


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