Logic Dishes on Post-Split Life, Reveals Plethora of New Projects

Logic’s marriage may have come to an end, but his career is on fire. The Grammy nominated singer stopped by On Air With Ryan Seacrest on Monday, April 16, and dished on the plethora of projects he has coming up on the heels of his split from wife Andrea.

Aside from recently collaborating with Elton John, P!nk, Sam Smith and Marshmello, Logic shared with Ryan that he’s got a movie, TV project and novels in the works. 

“Aside from the music, which is going so great and I’m just having so much fun especially behind the scenes and working with so many amazing people, is the other side of entertainment as well,” Logic shared. “I finished a movie that I wrote that I’m going to be starring in that should be going into production at the end of the year which I’m really excited about. It’s a comedy. I love range as far as acting … but I was like if I’m going to come out of the gate, I just want to make people laugh. It’s basically a comedy about this record store … and then I’m working on something else for television right now that I’ll also be starring in and then I just finished my novel which should be released hopefully this year.”

Yes. That’s a movie, TV show and novel!

“The TV thing — I don’t want to get too much into it — but it’s scripted and it’s something I’ll be starring in that’s based on me,” he teased. “I already finished the first novel and now I’m on the second novel which I’m super stoked about. They’re both works of fiction. The first one is called Supermakert and I’m not going to say what the second one is called yet, but that one is super rad.”

To top it off, he’s also built his own record and production company. 

“As a businessman and a creative, for so long I just wanted to do music, music, music, music, and then I realized the only reason I was saying that was I was scared that I may fail at the other avenues that I would love to try to jump in,” he continued. “I’d rather look back and have failed than look back and be filled with regret of never trying in the first place.”

So how does the "Everyday" rapper do it all?

“I think the challenge is balance, which I have tattooed on my hand, balance yourself, because I’m a workaholic,” he concluded. “But I would never allow my work to impede any personal relationships that I have. For me, the people that I love and have around are my No. 1 for sure, but it’s like a fix, I have to work. Like everything I do I’m an extremist at it.”

Listen to the full interview above to hear what else Logic has been up to, including working on that beefed up new bod!

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