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ZAYN Releases 'Let Me' Music Video With Gigi Hadid Look-Alike

ZAYN released a music video for his new song "Let Me," and you'll want to watch it over and over again.

The action-packed visual shows the former One Direction singer partaking in a certain business deal with some international mobsters. Everyone is on the same page in the beginning of the video. But then, ZAYN soon becomes intrigued by a beautiful woman who's an acquaintance of the head gangster. That's when things get tricky.

It's really interesting because the lead woman in the visual looks a lot like ZAYN's ex-girlfriend, model Gigi Hadid. The two parted ways just last month and it's still really fresh for the fans of both celebs. So, to see the singer's new video featuring a look-alike of his former love is quite the sight to see. By the end of the video, ZAYN and the leading lady show true Bonnie and Clyde-styled relationship goals and we love it. 

"Let Me" is the first official 2018 release for ZAYN. Back in March, he shared a remix of August Alsina's "Don't Matter," but it was released just for fun. Could this new "Let Me" video mean we could potentially be getting a new album this year? We'll have to wait and find out. But, in the meantime, check out ZAYN's "Let Me" music video above! 

Photo: YouTube/zayn