The Funniest Faces From Taylor Swift’s ‘Delicate’ Music Video

The goofy Taylor Swift we all know and love is making a comeback! The reputation songstress dropped the world premiere of her “Delicate” music video after taking home the award for Female Artist of the Year during the 2018 iHeartRadio Music Awards on Sunday, March 11. 

In the video, Taylor goes about her life in the spotlight before entering a swanky hotel flanked by security where everything about it seems robotic and disconnected. Taylor then embraces her inner true self while dancing around joyously without being bothered by press, security or paparazzi -- finding her own true happiness. 

As a Taylor fan on Twitter perfectly explained: “The delicate music video is about how Taylor was so loved, everyone was at her disposition and all of the sudden everyone started to hate her so she viewed herself as invisible and she knew she had to be true to herself and she found happiness.”

"It's going to be unexpected and it's going to be grand," director Joseph Kahn previously teased of the video. "I can't get into too much detail. The need is love and the expression of it. And it's not about flowers. People have been sending me ideas, and generally it's like flowers, or pink dresses or blue skies. And those are all the things you'd think you'd want in a video, but they wouldn't fill what you need out of a song like that."

The 2018 iHeartRadio Music Awards featured hosted by Hailey Baldwin and DJ Khaled, the show featured live performances from Ed Sheeran, Eminem featuring Kehlani, Cardi B,Bon Jovi, Maroon 5, Camila Cabello, Charlie Puth, and N.E.R.D and G-Eazy. For a full list of winners, click HERE.

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