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Mirai Nagasu's Parents Did Not Get To See Her Historic Skating Performance

US figure skater Mirai Nagasu is now a history-making skater after being only the third woman ever, and the first from Team USA, to land the triple axel jump during her skating program. 

Watch the historic moment here:


Unfortunately, though, Mirai's parents, Kiyoto and Ikuko, were unable to watch their daughter's historic skating moment.

They were serving an especially busy crowd at their California sushi restaurant Kiyosuzu.

USA Today reported that the couple were working an especially busy shift, but had the figure skating competition on DVR and were planning on running home when the crowd died down to watch their daughter's performance.

Kiyoto, Mirai's father, said, "we are very happy because we heard it went well."

Uh, went well may be a bit of an understatement, but at least they had it recorded to be able to watch it back as much as they'd like! That's a recording you definitely don't want to accidentally delete.

As for if they will be able to watch Mirai's individual competition this upcoming Sunday? Yep! They plan on closing the restaurant briefly to be able to watch their daughter live. 

And by the way, if you want to stop by Kiyosuzu, you can now get the "Mirai" roll which has tuna, tuna tatako, avocado, mentaiko (pollock roe), shrimp and tempura.

Safe to say they may have MANY more "especially busy" shifts after these Olympics. 

Congratulations to Mirai AND her parents (and good luck this weekend!)

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Photo: Getty Images

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