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Everything We Learned From BTS' Visit

Unless you’ve stayed off the internet for a majority of the year, you’ve likely heard of BTS: the uber popular K-Pop boy band from South Korea who’ve made a name for themselves for tackling social issues with their music and breaking through mainstream pop from across the globe. 

The group — which consists of Rap Monster (RM), Jungkook, Jimin, V, Suga, Jin and J-Hope — stopped by On Air With Ryan Seacrest during their L.A. visit on Friday, November 17, and dished on their upcoming AMAs performance and much, much more. 

Below is everything we learned from their first-ever visit to OAWRS:

1. Rap Monster, known as RM, Serves As the Group’s Spokesman 

The rapper helps navigate their interviews, serving as a translator and frontman for the group. Fun fact: RM taught himself how to speak English.

The group also had with them a translator, who helped translate Ryan’s questions.

2. They All Live Together 

Yes, all 7 band members live together in Seoul — and they have for almost a decade. 

3. They Didn’t Know Each Other Before Forming the Band 

Rap Monster explained to Ryan that before they were signed to label Big Hit Entertainment, they’d never met. “I think many Americans have heard about Seoul, but no one is from Seoul on this team,” RM said. “We came from different areas … [only] because of this team and the label we came together.”

4. They’re Excited to Try In-N-Out While In L.A.

(As they should be)

5. They Might Release "Some Songs" in English

When asked by a caller if they’ll ever release music in English, RM confirmed that yes, they’re working on releasing “some songs” in English. (They also just released a remix of their track "Mic Drop" with Steve Aoki and Desiigner.)

6. Their First U.S. Televised Performance Will Be at the 2017 AMAs This Sunday 

The band is performing their hit song “DNA.” 

“DNA” dropped on September 18 and racked up 20 million YouTube views in just 20 hours, breaking a bevy of records.

7. BTS Stands for Beyond The Scene 

And their fan base is known as the ARMY, an acronym for “Adorable Representative MC's for Youth”

8. They Credit Their Success to Giving Fans the Whole “Gift Box”

“I think it’s like a gift box — we do performances, we write our own music, we do the social media, we like fashion, so it’s like a gift box for them," RM told Seacrest when asked why he thinks they're so popular. 

9. They Love Their Fans

The septet surprised a lucky fan named Sabrina over the phone during their in-studio. 

10. They're Talented and Fun and We've Officially Joined #BTSARMY

Listen to the full interview above to hear more from BTS and catch the band’s first-ever U.S. performance live during the AMAs on ABC on Sunday, November 19!