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Demi Lovato Reveals What Shocked Fans Most About Her Candid Documentary

Demi Lovato’s never been more open with her fans. The “Sorry Not Sorry” singer phoned in to On Air With Ryan Seacrest on Friday, November 3, to discuss her raw new documentary, Simply Complicated, and her upcoming tour with DJ Khaled

In the YouTube docu, Demi’s friends, family and mental health coach recall the singer’s substance abuse and anger management issues. 

“I think what people have responded to the most is just my honesty,” Demi shared of the candid documentary, in which she also reveals she still struggles with her eating disorder. “I’m very transparent in the documentary and I talk about a lot of things like where I’m at today and [the things] I still deal with. … I think people were really shocked that I would be so open about where I’m at in this moment today.”

The former Disney star, who has since sought treatment in rehab and been sober for nearly 6 years, is next set to embark on tour with DJ Khaled. 

“We have yet to do the creative,” Demi shared of the tour, “but it will start February 26 in San Diego and there’s 20 shows.”

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