'Hatchimals' Are Back With A 'Surprise' For The Holidays

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If your kids had you searching the entire country for a Hatchimal toy last holiday season, get ready for it to happen all over again...

Hatchimals just revealed that they've come out with a NEW toy - 'Hatchimals Surprise'

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And, well, the surprise is that the hatchimal inside is a TWIN (but does it still count as a surprise if you already know there are twins inside?!)

Here's the difference - there are two different kinds of twins that you could get inside your Hatchimal egg.

The company released a statement on the 'surprise' saying that each egg contains either identical or fraternal twins. And while the eggs are costing a bit more than last year's toy (running now at $69.99) you're getting TWO furry friends instead of one!

In addition, the Hatchimals Surprise toys have two new species, Giraven and Peacat.

The Giraven identical twins are pink with blue spots, and the fraternal twins are either blue or pink with yellow spots. Peacat identical twins are blue with purple stripes, and the fraternal twins are yellow or purple with blue spots.

It's a lot to wrap your head around, I know. But be prepared, because kids are expected to go wild for this toy once again!

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