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Charlie Puth Samples What ‘Attention’ Was Originally Supposed to Sound Like

Credit: On Air With Ryan Seacrest

We are shook! Uber talented singer Charlie Puth stopped by On Air With Ryan Seacrest on Friday, October 6, and not only debuted his new track “How Long,” but also performed an acoustic version of “Attention” and recalled how the song was originally supposed to be an orchestral piece. 

“‘Attention’ — that was a big one — I had no idea that was going to happen to that song,” Charlie shared, revealing that “the most important thing it changed was people’s perception” of him.

“I had people thinking I didn’t even play the piano,” Puth recalled while discussing his collaboration on hit Furious 7 track “See You Again.” “The best thing is that people know me as a real musician now.” 

Charlie then played for us what he was initially compiling for “Attention” and proved he’s more than a "real" musician.  

“I went to school for, like, jazz piano and I majored in classical music and I always wanted to write for an orchestra,” Charlie explained. “So [‘Attention’] I was going to write as an orchestral piece of music. Something like if you’re sneaking to a cookie jar — like a cat-and-mouse kind of thing.” [Listen in the video above.]

Credit: On Air With Ryan Seacrest

Charlie said that he then hit a point where he “had a feeling it could be a special pop song” and that he ultimately needed songs for his album.

“I changed it to a fake guitar sound and that’s when I knew it was going to be a pop song.”

Watch the video above to be blown away.