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The Bittersweet Reason This Beautiful Photo Is Going Viral

Two years ago, Steven and Gloria Kimmel of Indiana lost their 14-month-old son to spinal muscular atrophy. To memorialize their first child, they each got an angel's wing tattooed on their back so when they are together, the pair of wings is whole. 

Well in June, the Kimmels welcomed a daughter into the world and commemorated her birth with a beautiful photo that celebrates their new addition while remembering the child they lost. 

The moving photo of baby Claire has since gone viral and has all of Twitter in tears:

Gloria told Yahoo she has been touched by Twitter's support, saying, "It was so heartwarming... To quote what [my sister] said, ‘I am so proud of the internet.’ There are so many wonderful people out there who can send their heartfelt condolences and congratulations in waves. And we can feel it!”

As for her daughter, Gloria revealed, "She looks so much like her brother. There are so many bittersweet moments when she reminds me of my son that I no longer get to hold in my arms, but because of my loss I truly appreciate the beautiful gift that she is and I cherish every second of every day with her. I can feel Isaac’s love as I look at her sweet face; he must have picked out her beautiful soul and sent her to us.”