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Is This the Name of Taylor Swift’s Alleged New Single?!

We are honestly freaking out. The internet has decided that Taylor Swift’s alleged new single is titled “That’s What They Don’t See.” 

A user on Reddit explained that they “found a code on Taylor’s website” and that by doing something super code-y — which we don’t understand — they discovered that while the “website is just black " it runs a "javascript code in the background" which includes "ivegotablankspace" and that if you "subtract one from each of the letters … the secret message is ‘thats what they don’t see.’”


That said, it should be pointed out that "that's what they don't see" is also a lyric from "Shake It Off" and three years ago to date, Swift dropped 1989.

Fans are also anticipating that she is going to appear on “Good Morning America” tomorrow based off her DirectTV schedule. 

They’ve also looked into specific dates that remain on her Twitter and Facebook posts. 

As Richard pointed out in the comments section of on our Facebook page: “September 27th is a single date and December 6th is the album? Those are the ‘last posted’ dates on Facebook and Twitter.