Summer lovin’! Louis Tomlinson stopped by On Air With Ryan Seacrest on Wednesday, August 9, and caught up with us about his summer and latest single “Back to You.” The 25-year-old also dished on upcoming music off his forthcoming debut studio album.

“I recently went on holiday with my girlfriend to Amsterdam actually which was really nice,” Tomlinson, who is dating model Eleanor Calder, shared. “I’ve been a lot with the band, but it was nice to spend some proper time there.”

Aside from traveling, Tomlinson has been busy promoting his new hit song featuring Bebe Rexha “Back to You.”

The Brit shared that the track “isn’t actually written from personal experience,” but that he’s lyrically involved when it comes to his upcoming music off his debut studio album.

“I’ve got maybe eight songs that I’m really, really happy with,” he shared. “I think there will either be one more to two more singles before the album.”

The “Just Hold On” singer added that he has more work to do until the album is complete. 

“To be honest, I actually quite recently realized there isn’t enough up tempo at the moment,” he explained. “My thing is lyric and I really enjoy writing lyrics … I need to make it feel right live so we are looking for more tempo.”

Listen to the audio above to hear more from Tomlinson, including why fans are obsessed with his booty!