Which Jonas Brother, Nick Or Joe Do We Think Will Get Married First?

You guys, we need to talk about two of the Jonas Brothers! Nick Jonas and Priyana Chopra have been engaged now for 2 months. While, older bro Joe has been engaged to Sophie Turner for almost a year now.

According to a source, even though Joe has been engaged longer it wouldn't be a surprising if Nick got married first! But, this source also added that they aren't competitive AT ALL in regards to who gets married first.

But, I am about to throw one more wrench into this game. Reports are also speculating that Olivia Culpo (Nick Jonas' ex & I use to ship them super hard) will be engaged soon to her boyfriend Danny Amendola! 

So, now who do we think will get married first Nick, Joe or Olivia Culpo? Let me know who you're putting your money on. I love this game.

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