Taylor Swift Strikes Again With Sweet Gift For 11-Year-Old Fan

77th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

77th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

If you know anything about Taylor Swift, it's probably her hit songs and amazing songwriting.

But if you know anything *else* about Taylor, it's that she is known for sending very personal letters and gifts to fans for any number of reasons. And this coronavirus pandemic has been no different for Taylor, still thinking of her fans and making sure they feel loved and appreciated throughout this challenging time.

Earlier during this pandemic, Taylor was in the news for sending money to fans who were in need of extra financial help in order to get through quarantine. Now, she's in the news for the sweetest gift and letter she sent to an 11-year-old fan who had done her own random act of kindness.

Emerson Weber wrote a letter to her local mailman weeks ago, thanking him for his service and for "making people happy" by picking up and delivering mail.

Emerson is known by her friends and family for writing thoughtful notes and decorating the envelopes she sends them in. Her extra thoughtful note to her local mailman said: "Well, I wanted to thank you for taking my letters and delivering them. You are very important to me. I make people happy with my letters, but you do too."

After Emerson's letter went viral, she began receiving all KINDS of letters from other USPS mail carriers to say thank you for recognizing their work and making a connection.

But she and her dad, Hugh, never expected to open up a package and realize it came from Taylor Swift, Emerson's favorite singer.

Hugh detailed the entire experience of opening the package from Taylor on his Twitter, where he wrote about how shocked he and Emerson were when they saw the tag that says "To Em. From Tay." - they were so surprised, in fact, that they actually put the package down and waited about an hour before they could go back to it.

When they did open it, though, they found Taylor had written a personal note and sent the sweetest gift.

In the note, Taylor told Emerson she feels it's important that she "writes letters to people who don’t expect a thank you." And the gift included Taylor's favorite letter-writing tools. Including wax seals for Emerson's future letters that are the same wax seals Taylor uses when she writes letters to fans.

Taylor's note also included one extra sweet comment:

"I hope you’re feeling good during isolation & not too lonely ... no one expects you to be perfect...you’ve already set a really cool example and I’m proud of you. :).”

Taylor really is always looking out for her fans, especially when times are tough. And she knows the power of a handwritten letter - in fact, when I took my niece to see Taylor's show and to meet her, we got a handwritten letter a couple weeks later thanking us for coming to the show. I mean, come on!! That's next-level thoughful.

Keep on being you, Taylor! And Emerson, keep on writing those beautiful letters!!

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