Would You Use This Sprayable Maple Syrup?

I know this might sound a little extreme but... does anyone else feel like pancakes and syrup on Saturday mornings are a nostalgic part of childhood?

It's like when mom or dad wake you up and tell you they've already made breakfast, and you roll out of bed and get to eat in your pajamas... I meaaaaan it's so good.

I definitely look forward to spending weekend mornings with my kids over pancakes!

But I have... questions about this new type of syrup called Maple Stream. It's a sprayable (??!?!) syrup which makes me feel VERY odd.

Check out this video explaining why this is apparently the best way to eat syrup:

It's apparently made to be less messy and also allow you to keep from putting WAYYY too much syrup on those pancakes or waffles.

The creator of this special syrup, Coombs Family Farms, has been in the syrup business since the late 1800s (hello, what?!) soooo I guess we can REALLY trust them when it comes to our syrup needs.

Would you try out the new way to dispense your delicious maple syrup? I guess I'm willing to give it a try to see if its really as anti-mess as they make it seem! And by the way, the can it comes in, is recyclable, so you really can't go wrong there.

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