My Packing List For A Weekend Away With The Twins


It's been a whirlwind end of the summer and start of fall for my family and I. My husband Michael has been working CRAZY hours at his job (like, staying until 10pm regularly). Plus, I was in Las Vegas for 3 days for work, and Aiza and Maxon turn 5 months old next week.

So, this weekend we're packing up all of our stuff and taking a good old-fashioned family vacation with not only our little family but also all of Michael's family - his parents, siblings, niece/nephew, and grandma.

A weekend trip to Palm Springs is the perfect first real vacation with Aiza and Maxon because we are renting a big house and will have our own space for the kids, it's only about 2.5 hours from home, and we don't have to fly with them just yet!

We're so excited to spend some time relaxing as a family. Plus whenever we are with our extended family we have SO much help with the babies, it's like everyone takes turns holding them, helping feed them, and bouncing them.

What's hilarious, though, is my packing list for even a short weekend trip away.

Here's just a look at the list... not the full thing:

- [ ] Diapers

- [ ] Wipes

- [ ] Aquafour 

- [ ] Timers

- [ ] Bottle Warmers

- [ ] Bottles

- [ ] Filters

- [ ] Formula

- [ ] Pacifiers

- [ ] Teethers

- [ ] Bottle brushes

- [ ] Thermometer/nail clippers bag

- [ ] Sleep loungers

- [ ] Pack n Plays

- [ ] Lovies

- [ ] Baby Bjorne bouncers

- [ ] Bibs

- [ ] Burp cloths

- [ ] PJs

- [ ] Socks

- [ ] Hats

- [ ] Bows

- [ ] Blankets

- [ ] Bath towels

- [ ] Baby shampoo

- [ ] Susher

- [ ] Toys

It's a LOT, right?

This weekend will also be the first time we take the twins to a restaurant! They're so good when we're home, they really don't get too fussy, but I think I should be prepared for them to be much fussier when they're not in their usual environment.

Wish us luck!

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