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John Stamos Jokes About His 'Dad Bod' He's Been Working On


No doubt, becoming a first-time parent comes with a lot of changes in your life. 

We've seen it with Sisanie! You take time off from work, you learn your baby's (or babies') schedule for eating and sleeping and changing, you realize what it's really like to be responsible for another human life!

Obviously parenthood seems like a pretty magical (and of course, challenging) step in life. And John Stamos, our favorite new dad around, has opened up about life as a new dad and that "dad bod" he's been working on for the past three months.

And I've gotta say, a dad bod looks darn good on you, John.


While talking about his son, William "Billy" Christopher, John said:

“Have I turned into a corny old man? No. I’m not telling anyone to pull my finger... I have embraced my dad fat stomach now. I’ve got a dad bod I've got to work on.”

It's hard to look at John Stamos himself and think "yeah, that's a dad fat stomach" at all... but hey, dad bod's are in! Maybe he can put a little more work in (or lack of of work?) to achieve the trend.

John and his wife Caitlin welcomed Billy back in April, and they already seem to be talking about having MORE kids.

Who could blame them? Judging by Billy, they make adorable babies!

Caitlin said in May they already were wanting to have more kids "ASAP" because she finds it so "beautiful":

"I’ve done pretty much everything, and the one that’s sort of the most beautiful thing that you could do is have a child."


This little family of three really is so sweet. And it's fun seeing John as a dad in real life and not just playing the fun uncle (or dad!) on TV! Not to mention it looks like he and Caitlin have this parenting thing totally down.

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