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J.Lo Gives Stranger Tips For Swiping On Tinder


If you were given the chance to take dating advice from Jennifer Lopez herself, would you take it?

I think that's a pretty clear YES from basically everyone.

JLo herself took over a stranger's Tinder account to try and help her out in the dating game, and I actually think she gave some pretty good advice! I mean, JLo definitely knows what she's doing. Yes, she has dated some great guys, but more importantly it seems like all of her relationships have been really strong and healthy... and that's what it should allll be about! 

What's hilarious is that in the video, Jen claims that men are "useless" until they're 33... and if you recall she dated Casper Smart who is only 31 years old NOW, and the two dated for years starting in 2011, when he would have been only 24.

Now, Jen has been dating baseball superstar Alex Rodriguez and the two seem to have an amazing relationship and blended family. 


While helping her new friend Brooke swipe through the account, Jen lets Brooke weigh in on who she's picking (she wasn't ruthless!) and guides her through it. 

JLo did find some people she approved of!

"This is my kind of guy... he has a baseball hat on, he's outdoorsy, he looks like he chops wood..." I mean, imagine being THAT guy and realizing that JLo called you "her kind of guy."

But when Brooke approved of him and then messaged him "do you chop wood" Jen was VERY  displeased with her. 

"Brooke, we're not going to get what we want if you send messages like 'do you chop wood'"

But THEN they found someone Brooke really liked and sent JLo lyrics to him! And he responded with a gif OF JENNIFER HERSELF! And Brooke and Levi just suddenly became a full-blown couple in Jen's eyes because she said if they get married and have kids, it's all thanks to her.

I swear, get JLo to help you with your dating life and you'll guaranteed find the one.

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