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Sisanie Keeps Twin Mom Life Real On Instagram


It's been six weeks since Sisanie and her husband Michael welcomed their twins Aiza Delmar and Maxon Jae into the world, and what a whirlwind six weeks it has been.

Luckily for Sisanie, when Michael goes to work, she still has her mom Rosie at home most days to help her deal with TWO babies, and that definitely came in handy yesterday when they had a... situation... 

Yep, it's not all sunshine and rainbows when you have two little ones at home, and Sisanie is making sure everyone knows that motherhood, as beautiful as it is, is also full of spit up, poop, and crying babies.

Yesterday, Sisanie's mom went to pick up Aiza to get her to stop crying while Sisanie made her bottle aaaand found a little (big) surprise. Prepare yourself:


Yep, they had a poop explosion. And sometimes, it just happens.

But hey, Maxon looks like he's sleeping through the whole thing, no big deal!

What else have these cuties been up to over the last week?

A whole lot of sleeping, or terrorizing mom and dad by not sleeping, and just hanging out! They had a pretty wild Saturday night at home with mom and dad:

And then the twins got alllll dressed up in their best outfits, just to hang out! And prepare to go "AWWWWW" when you see their looks:

As for what Sisanie has been up to, its a whole lot of rocking baby Aiza who doesn't like to sleep for long periods of time during the day.

Yesterday was an especially tough day for Aiza's sleep schedule, but it seems Sis found a rocker that does help her go to sleep!

Aiza was so calm in this little rocker, Sisanie is starting to think she's going to be a fan of roller coasters and amusement parks rides.

But hey! It finally worked and little Aiza did decide to doze off:

After a long day, it's just whatever works! I went to visit Sisanie and the babies yesterday and Aiza actually fell asleep face down on Sisanie's chest. It's hard for Sis because she can't get up and move around at all, but it was SOOOO cute!

The babies are getting bigger and bigger by the day, I swear. They're little tiny people!

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Sisanie is co-host of Ryan Seacrest's show On Air With Ryan on KIIS FM Los Angeles' Hit Music radio station from 5am-10am. Read more

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