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Tarot Card Reader Predicted Tanya Will Find Love This Month

It’s officially May which means, according to tarot card reader to the stars Angie Banicki, Tanya Rad is set to meet her husband 😱😱😱😱

In case you missed it, Tanya and Sisanie sat down with Anjie around Halloween and she read their cards. She told Tanya in the video above a bevy of information, including her stars will align with her perfect soulmate.

To be exact, she said it would all go down “right around the first week of May” and since nothing has popped up for T.Rad just yet, Ryan and Sisanie decided we’ll give her till May 12. 

“I’m not going to try [to make it happen],” Tanya concluded. “She said I’ll know so I feel like it should just click … She said I’ll have already met this person at some point in my life and … I’m not going to, like, rekindle, but they’re going to come back in because they needed to go through something.” 

For the record, Sisanie vouched for the reading since some of the things Anjie told her have also since come true!


Watch back the full video above to relive the reading and listen to the audio above for Ryan’s take on it!