Easy, DIY Festival Hairstyles You Can Do In Under 3 Minutes!


It’s festival season! In the latest Off-Air With Sisanie video, Sis shows you one of her favorite go-to festival hairstyles: Twisted bun pigtails! 

Sisanie demonstrated on coworker Erica’s hair to do the fun take on trendy “space buns” for Coachella weekend. 

First, brush and find a part in your hair and split your hair into two parts as if you're making pigtails.  

Twist each half away from your face and then twirl the twisted portion of your hair into a bun tightly at the nap of your neck, or at your desired height.

Secure each bun with hair ties or bobby pins and that’s it!

You can also had hairspray to keep hairs in place and even style it up by adding glitter.

Pro tip: Use spray sunscreen on your part to avoid getting sunburnt! 

Click here for more styles to try

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