Ryan Gifts Bobby Bones the Most Perfect Present and We’re Obsessed


Happy belated birthday, Bobby Bones! The radio host rang in 39 on April 2 and as a thank you for helping fill in for Ryan Seacrest on American Idol, Ry got him the most perfect present. 

“Ryan sent me a pair of shoes, a really awesome pair of Jordans — I’m a big shoe geek — and it also had a note that said ‘Thanks for filling my shoes,’” Bobby shared on-air on Friday, April 5, much to Sisanie and Tanya Rad’s approval. 

“You can just tell from the picture they’re very large,” he jokingly added of his shoe size. 

The radio host is serving as a mentor on the latest season of American Idol and added that he can relate on a personal level with the contestants as well.  


“I think a lot of it now is also life coaching with me,” Bobby shared. “Obviously I do the radio show, but I’m a musician and a comedian and a writer so I have limited skills, but in a lot of places and I also grew up a lot like these contestants did before I came to Los Angeles the first time,” he added. “I’d never been to a major city and on Idol you have a lot of kids who are like ‘Holy crap!’ … For me, I grew up like that in a small town in Arkansas and so I can say, ‘Hey, you’re not alone in feeling this.’ … A lot of that is not only the music mentoring, but, 'Let me help you with this whole process.'”


Listen back to the full interview in the audio above for more, including to find out what happened with Tanya Radand Bobby 😂

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