Sisanie Reveals Two Mom Tips on Dealing With “Stranger Danger”


The twins are figuring things out! In the latest episode of Off-Air With Sisanie in the video above, Ryan Seacrest ’s co-host Sisanie explains her 9-month-old twins, Aiza and Maxon, are beginning to experience a bit of “stranger danger.”

As Sis explains, her babies used to allow anyone and everyone to hold them, but now that they’re growing up, they know who mom and dad are!

“They’re kind of going through a weird stage — I wouldn’t call it separation anxiety, but I guess technically [9 months] … is when babies start realizing that you’re their mom or their dad is their dad and we’re the providers and we’re the ones that feed them and basically like we’re their parents,” Sis shares. “So whenever I have friends come over, before I could just hand them over to anyone and it wouldn’t matter at all, and now they [somewhat] freak out … and look over for approval.”


To deal with their “separation anxiety” or “stranger danger” as some parents dub it, Sis shares that she soothes each baby before reminding them it’s OK and re-engaging them with the friend, family member or visitor.

Sis adds in the latest Twinning Tuesday update that she’s also recently learned to keep her own goodbyes short and sweet.

“When you’re leaving the room, make the goodbyes quick,” she adds in the video above.

Find out more in the full episode above and get even more of an update in the latest Twinning Tuesday! Hit us up on social using the hashtag #OffAirWithSisanie as well to tell us your own mom tips!

Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest

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