Sisanie Shares Video of Twins Trying Solid Food for First Time: Watch

Big milestone! Sisanie is transitioning 6-month-old twins Aiza and Maxon to solid foods. The first-time mom adorably recorded the experience and shared that she opted for oatmeal for their first real taste.

“First time eating solids... Aiza loved her oatmeal, Maxon did not 🤷🏻‍😂 wait for it…,” Sisanie captioned a sweet video of her little ones making various mixed expressions. 

While Aiza not only seemingly loved the oatmeal concoction — and even held her own spoon! — her brother, Maxon, was not a fan. 

Sisanie is going to continue to transition more solids into their diet, including fruits and veggies like avocado! 

According to her pediatrician, parents shouldn’t be afraid to also make it taste good, adding spices like salt! 

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