Tanya Rad’s Friend Approves Private Investigator Plan to Catch Husband


It’s getting real: Tanya Rad’s friend is on board with spying on her possibly cheating husband 😱

In case you missed it, Tanya told Ryan Seacrest and Sisanie last week that she wanted to hire a private investigator for her friend who thinks her husband is cheating. Tanya went as far as to contact PIs for quotes and also sought out advice on-air.

The only thing was that her friend didn’t know about her plan — until now. 

“I investigated [and] I figured out how much it was going to cost me and that’s about as far as I went … [I found] there’s a 5-hour minimum which is what I thought I could do … but I realized that’s probably not going to be the case,” Tanya recalled on-air on Friday, September 28. “She did not know at the time so after we talked about it I did tell her and she is on board.”

Yep, you read that right, she’s ON BOARD.

“I told her all the suggestions we got on the air — which she was not thrilled about, by the way — so she ordered a coffee mug that has a camera on it and a pen that has a camera in it,” Tanya continued. “… She’s going to try doing that route before we go a step further.”


Naturally, Ryan and Sisanie were not on board with the idea of spying on your partner and deemed the marriage done.

“I’m with you on this,” Tanya added, “But here’s the thing that I’ve learned with all of my friendships is that when they talk to you about these things, they really don’t want your opinion, they just want somebody to listen and say what they want to hear. So my advice is head for the heels, you could do better, aim higher! But they don’t want to hear that so you just have to do the best you can and hire a private investigator.”


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