Tanya’s Take: My Current Dating Dilemmas


It’s officially time we checked in with Tanya Rad on her dating life. Our girl has officially retired all things with Dr. W and had a potential set-up through Giuliana Rancic, and, not to mention, an IRL Peter Kavinsky moment with Dean Unglert, but where is she now with the aforementioned? 

Well … not quite anywhere 😂 

“It’s not necessarily a dating lull, but I’ve had a guest come in and introduce me to somebody who doesn’t live in California and we started talking and kind of, I think, hitting it off, but now I’m like ‘What do I do?" Tanya mused in the latest ep of Today With Tanya. "He doesn’t live here … am I ever going to meet this guy? Do I need to make the first move? … And I also have a friend I went out with that I really enjoyed going out with that I want to go out with again, but it just kind of stopped so I’m like ‘What do I do?’”

Tanya continued that she’s at a crossroads when it comes to keeping the flirty energy up. 

“Is it up to me? Like do I need to try harder? Or just sit back and let it happen?”

What do you think? Sound off using the hashtag #TodayWithTanya and let us know your advice! 

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