Ryan and Sisanie Hilariously Explain to Jimmy Fallon What a “Key” Party Is

Who knew parents were so risqué! Jimmy Fallon stopped by On Air With Ryan Seacrest on Wednesday, September 19, (which also just so happened to be his 44th birthday!) and we’ve never laughed harder. The late-night host came into the studio when Ryan Seacrest and Sisanie were discussing “key” parties. ICYMI, Sisanie told Ryan that one of her friend’s children’s schools has a kick-off party each year for the parents that actually ends up being not so child friendly. According to her friend, at the end of the party — where children aren’t in attendance, btw — parents put their keys in a bowl and it turns into a swingers’ bash 😱 

“It was supposed to be a back-to-school night party for parents to get to know each other, but then everyone starts drinking and at the end of the night everyone started putting their keys in a bowl and they wen’t home with other husbands,” Sisanie hilariously explained to Jimmy. 

“[I’ve heard about these!]” the late-night host exclaimed. “We did a sketch on it years ago on Saturday Night Live because we didn’t think they were real.”

Turns out, they’re very real. So much so, callers started dialing in because, YES!, this actually happens 😱 One woman even told Jimmy that around her neighborhood, muffins are involved and if you get muffins dropped off at your door then you know you’ve been solicited ... 

“This can not be real,” Fallon exclaimed. 

Speaking of schools, Jimmy’s experience has been far more normal — the funnyman and dad of two recalled to Ryan how he broke down crying while dropping off his eldest daughter, 5-year-old Winnie, at kindergarten recently.  

“Everyday I take my kids to school … it was my first day of kindergarten for Winnie the other day and it’s emotional dude,” Jimmy admitted. “I [cried] and I didn’t … My wife started losing it and I looked at the other dads there and no one was crying so I was like 'I’ve got to hold it together' so I sucked the tears in,” he continued, laughing. “I cried into my head. My neck started to swell like a bullfrog.”

The bullfrog cry Sisanie can relate to as well 😂

“That was me walking down the aisle at my wedding,” she recalled, which led Jimmy to admit that he too can’t watch back his wedding video with wife Nancy. 

“I had to shut if off,” he said. “I thought it was the best moment of my life … I thought ‘This is so much fun’ … and then I watched it back and it’s just so embarrassing … I’m crying, there’s people crying … I look drunk … the whole thing is terrible … the memory is so much better.”

Listen back to the hilarious interview above for more and catch Jimmy on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon weeknights at 11:35/10:35c on NBC.

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