Tanya Rad Wants to Hire a PI For Her Friend Who Thinks Her Man Is Cheating


Hot topic this morning! Tanya Rad revealed to Ryan Seacrest on-air that she wants to hire a private investigator for her best friend who thinks that her man is cheating ... 👀

“[My friend] thinks that she’s being cheated on and she said in a joking way, ‘I think I should hire a private investigator just to know’ … she said that jokingly and I thought maybe that’s what we do,” Tanya explained, revealing she’s already done all the research and found a PI for hire. 

“There’s a guy I could hire for a 5-hour minimum and you pay him by the hour and I think I could get it done in 5 hours,” she continued, much to Ryan and co-host Sisanie’s disapproval. “My only question is … what if I find something?”

Tanya added that she would hire the PI to follow the man between the hours of “post-work, pre-home” to see where he goes during his free time.


“I look at it from my own perspective,” Tanya added. “I would want a friend of mine to take control and say we’re going to get you through this.”

Tanya added that her friend initially found direct messages on her husband’s phone. 

Ryan and Sisanie both think that Tanya shouldn't go behind her friend's back or get this involved ...

Sound off in the comments or hit us up on social: What do you think? Should Tanya interfere and hire the PI or not get involved? 

Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest

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