Andy Cohen Reveals Which Housewives He’s Friends With and More Tea


Andy Cohen has his hands full when it comes to the Real Housewives. The executive producer and Watch What Happens Live host stopped by On Air With Ryan Seacrest on Friday, June 15, and dished to us how he stays friends with all our favorite — and at times crazy — reality stars. 

“I’m an executive producer of all the housewife shows and I would say I have a professional and friendly relationship with all of them,” Cohen shared with Ryan. “It’s a very complicated relationship and when you look at the reunion shows, there’s a lot of subtext happening there because I’m also in a sense their boss and their friend and their champion and their daddy and I’m also the person that calls them on their BS. It’s an ever-shifting relationship," he added. "Sometimes they get very pissed at me about things. ... We have seven housewife cities going so there are a lot of balls in the air so to speak.” 

The ladies and Cohen have become close friends though, with Cohen helping Real Housewives of Atlanta star Portia Williams find love on the upcoming season of Fox's Love Connection. 


“Portia is someone who, if you watch the Atlanta Housewives, you know she is looking for love seriously,” Cohen said. “Like, in a way that she might pull a moving van up and move in semi-quickly which I love about her … [but] we found her three very hot guys and I think people might be surprised about what happens.” 

Listen to the audio above to hear more, including how Grateful Dead and John Mayer surprised Cohen at his 50th birthday bash.  

Love Connection airs Tuesdays on Fox at 9 p.m.

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