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Watch Ellen DeGeneres Hilariously Scare BTS With a Fangirl

Ellen DeGeneres strikes again. The talkshow host scared all seven members of K-Pop sensation BTS during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Friday, May 25. 

BTS dropped by for an interview and performance following their appearance at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards and were spooked when a “fangirl” popped out from behind the couch. 

“The biggest boy band in the world, BTS!” Ellen said while introducing the septet to an audience filled with exciting fans. “I know it’s very exciting — their close proximity.”

Ellen then chatted with spokesman RM about how he learned English by watching sitcom Friends and how BTS recently surprised fans by visiting the set of Friends on the Warner Bros lot. 

She then segwayed into talking about their Billboard Music Awards performance of “Fake Love” and after V was explained it was a “dream come true" to perform at the awards show, a production member dressed as a “fangirl” in a blonde wig popped out and scared the ‘ish out of the boys!

Watch the hilarious moment above and find out what phrase Ellen DeGeneres is being credited for teaching BTS.