Tanya Rad Surprises Sisanie With Adorable Baby Presents


Cue the happy tears 😭 Tanya Rad and the backroom surprised pregnant Sisanie with a few send-off baby gifts on Friday, April 20. 

Tanya gifted co-host Sisanie, who is expecting twins any day now, two personalized blankets with inspiring messages on them. Sis will be broadcasting from her house next week to stay relaxed ahead of her delivery and subsequent maternity leave.

“This is something that I wanted you to have,” Tanya told Sis while giving her the gifts. “It’s from their Aunt Tanya. It’s words of wisdom. They’re blankets for each twin and I got words of advice [embroidered on them].”

“'Find your passion. Be grateful. Never compare yourself to others' — you’re going to make me cry — I’m so emotional,” Sis said while reading the embroidery on the pink blanket for her daughter-to-be. 


Tanya also gave Twin A and Twin B mini bomber jackets that read “Angel Baby” on the back. 

The backroom of producers and Patty Rodriguez gifted Sisanie a photo album of all of her #HumpDayBumpDay updates.

“Now that it’s actually happening I’m like so sad that like I’m not going to see you guys,” Sisanie said through tears. 

Watch the cute moment above and stay posted for Twin A and Twin B’s arrival! 

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