Why 'OITNB' Star Taryn Manning Won’t Play a Role Like Pennsatucky Again

Orange Is the New Black’s final season is here and sees tons of twists and turns for many of its characters (that we won’t spoil for you here), including Tiffany "Pennsatucky" Doggett, played by Taryn Manning.

Pennsatucky has certainly come a long way as a person since season 1, but she has more than a few unsavory traits and some that are downright awful.

Taryn has played the role so effectively she’s now being offered more jobs to play similar roles, but she’s not willing to, telling The Hollywood Reporter:

"I've been offered several roles with decent pay checks and I've said I can't do it. I'm a good person and not this horrible person that people want to send me roles for; I don't want to play it anymore. It's exhausting and it hurts."

But adds, "There's a piece of me in her. I learned so much from that role, it changed my life."

The final season of Orange Is the New Black is steaming on Netflix.

Photo: Getty Images