Sisanie Shares How to Workout With Your Baby at Home

If you’re a mom, you likely have little to no time to make it to the gym while taking care of your little ones. In the latest Off-Air With Sisanie episode above, Sis shares how you can workout with your baby at home, using your own body weight — and theirs! 

As Sisanie demonstrates, you can do squats, arm and leg lifts in the comfort of your own home and while playing with your kids. 

To do squats, for example, strap on your baby carrier and utilizing their body weight, do 3 sets of 12 to work your legs and glutes. 

Similarly, you can also lift your child into the air as a great arm workout!

Watch back the video above for more, including exactly how to do the moves and work up a sweat at home with your kiddos!

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