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Here's Everything You Need to Know About the Upcoming David Bowie Biopic

Following the box office and awards season success of the Freddie Mercury biopic Bohemian Rhapsody about the late Queen front man, another movie has just been announced that focuses on another legendary rocker, who happened to be one of Freddie’s friends and collaborators, David Bowie .

Stardust will focus of David’s rise in America in the early 70s and his trip to the states where he created the iconic alter ego Ziggy Stardust.

He will be played by Johnny Flynn , a musician known for his role in Netflix’s show Lovesick . Jena Malone has also been cast as bowie’s then wife, Angie, and Marc Maron as the singer’s record company publicist.

But the film is not without controversy. David’s son, filmmaker Duncan Jones , tweeted: “Pretty certain nobody has been granted music rights for ANY biopic... I would know.”

Adding: “Im not saying this movie is not happening. I honestly wouldn't know. Im saying that as it stands, this movie won't have any of dads music in it, & I can't imagine that changing. If you want to see a biopic without his music or the families blessing, thats up to the audience.”

Photo: Getty Images