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Tom Brady Just Ate His First Strawberry Ever


We all know that Tom Brady and his wife (and, you know, super model) Gisele B√ľndchen have a super strict diet that keeps them looking so beautiful. 

And apparently that diet includes the fact that he has never in his life eaten a STRAWBERRY and "rarely" drinking beer. I kind of get the beer thing - I gave up beer last year (before I got pregnant!) because it's obviously really not ideal for your diet.

But... strawberries?! Why not?!

So of course, while Tom was on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert promoting his new book The TB12, Stephen had him eat a strawberry and chug a beer. MAN THINGS!

Watch the clip below:


He clearly has NOT been a fan of strawberries ever since he was a kid, being that after he takes a bite of one that Stephen presented him with he said, "mom, are you proud of me?"

It's hilarious to imagine a young Tom Brady sitting there fighting with his mom over whether or not he was going to eat his strawberries... Before he was one of the greatest football players of our time, he was just a normal kid fighting with his parents over eating fruits and vegetables!!

But the beer chugging was a very different story - he clearly used to drink beer and just no longer does. Being "one of the greatest football players of our time" and all that, I don't think it really fits into his workout plan.

And yep, he enjoyed the beer. He said it was good!

Ugh, in the time between giving up beer and getting pregnant I would have my days where I totally missed drinking an ICE COLD BEER. So I can understand why Tom finds himself enjoying that drink, even when its forced upon him. 

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