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He breaks our hearts every single week on This Is Us and now he's revealing another story that will make you a little less than thrilled with him (though this time you will be laughing, not crying.)

Milo Ventimiglia was on Jimmy Kimmel Live and talked about showing up to their friend Ellen DeGeneres' birthday party looking like a "hunter" as well as his own birthday party as a kid when he may have been the reason for the closure of Disneyland's skywalk.

Hear the story here:

It's certainly difficult to be mad at Milo when he look like THAT but c'mon man!! You may have ruined Disneyland for all of us!

Well, Disneyland couldn't ever be ruined, but you get the point.

Also love that his dad's reaction to them getting in trouble on the skywalk seems similar to how Jack Pearson would handle a situation like that with his kids. Party's over kids! Too much spitting!

Now I'll be over here mentally preparing for the next This Is Us episode where I will cry for a full hour again...

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