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Kristen Wiig Struggles Pronouncing 'Hallelujah' While Performing


With everything going on in the world today, Kristen Wiig and James Corden took to the stage on The Late Late Show with James Corden to perform their own version of the famous song "Hallelujah" to life people's spirits...

And lift spirits they certainly did. 

The first flub of Kristen's shows her pronouncing the hard "j" sound in "hallelujah" and James clearly cannot take it and stops the song to correct her.

But, as you could guess, it does not get better from there. But it DOES get funnier!

They try singing again and then she pronounces the word like... "holly-how-ya" which, again, James cannot take.

The best part is that there are some doves being thrown in to the audience at this time and Kristen blames "something happening with the doves" on why the performance is stopped again.

I know they're professional comedians and all, but I still don't get how they don't just crack up during these bits.

Thank you for the Thursday morning LOLs, Kristen and James!!

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