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The Cooking Channel's Ali Khan Shares His Favorite 'Cheap Eats' In LA

If you're not hungry right now, you will be after hearing Ali Khan break down the best 'cheap eats' in LA.

And you know his picks are the real deal being as he lived in Los Angeles for 20 years, was the senior editor of BlackBook magazine's Los Angeles Dining and Nightlife Guide by age 26, wrote for L.A. Taco and started a series called 'Sandwich Spotting Los Angeles.'

He now has a show on The Cooking Channel seeking out, you guessed it, 'cheap eats' in different cities around the country.

"I tell people all the time I am very fortunate, it is a dream job," Ali said of his show Cheap Eats.

So as far as the affordable, but certifiably delicious, restaurants in Los Angeles? Ali breaks down his top three stops:

"I miss LA and part of this is what I can't find, I now live in Austin, TX, but what I do miss is the Al Pastor Tacos at Leo's Tacos. There's a couple of them now, Leo's kind of blew up and it's a buck a pop. 5 bucks, 5 tacos, should do you. I've been known for getting 7 but hey that's me."

"My pick for number 2 is Father's Office is in Santa Monica, there's also one in Culver City too, and I think they're opening up one in Downtown, so I heard. But basically Father's Office to me is Los Angeles to a T... 12 bucks, it's a burger that is stacked with two cheeses, Maytag Blue and Gruyere so, I tip my cap, I love my burgers and I think it's frankly still worth it. It's a steal at 12 bucks."

"There's a bakery, there's one in Burbank, one in Glendale, one in Downey called Porto's bakery. And if the lines don't indicate that this place isn't awesome, I don't know what else should convince you but how about this? They have this thing called the milk and berries cake. What it is is, uh, tres leches cake so it's sponge cake that's soaked in milk, evaporated milk, condensed milk, I think they do a little brandy on there, they top it with fresh berries and cream. For the record, guys, I am a chocolate guy but this cake makes me swoon."

Rounding out Ali's top 5 here in LA?

Zankou Chicken Chicken Shawerma plate

And last but not least, "the sandwich" at Roma Deli

Check out more of Ali Khan's picks on Cheap Eats on the Cooking Channel Wednesdays at 10/9c!

Photo: Instagram/blackbookali