So here's the thing about Neon Carnival.... it combines all your favorite things into 1 giant party.

Carnival rides (check)

Carnival games (check)

Massive Dance floor (check)

Open bar (check)

Awesome DJ (check) 

Food (check)

Not only did I spot Josh Henderson roaming around... I saw Miguel there .... but I saw Tyler Hoechlin who I must say is even more strikingly gorgeous in real life!

I found myself circling his area of the dance floor just so I could get one more look at him!

Danced with Sis, met up with Sofia Carson & we hit the bumper cars! 

Let me tell you... this is a party that you do not want to miss! 

I wish I took a picture of the yellow school bus we took to get here! Yes, we road in a yellow school bus like we did in elementary school & it was hilarious!!!