The highlight of Saturday was obviously Lady Gaga!!!

I want to talk about her gorgeous makeup!!! I'm seeing so many people wearing bright blue eyeliner on the bottom & it looks so freaking cool!!!!!

Gaga really kicked it up a notch with her look for sure!!!!

Another very exciting part of my day was seeing my FAVORITES- DNCE roaming around by the bar! And guess who was with them.... NICK JONASSSSS!!!!

So I obviously gave him a million hugs, made him extremely uncomfortable, and basically told him I need to be seeing more of him! Like, the last time I saw Nick was at the #FutureNow tour, that is just not okay!!!!

Any-who I love my DNCE they are always so amazing!! So that was the cherry on top of an already amazing day!!!

#LadyGaga gave her ALL last night at #Coachella! Who has been your favorite performance so far?

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